Welcome Message


This is our new face and channel to the outside world. Information technology is having a major impact on our lives. Web-based technologies and new social media is providing platform to communicate on real time basis.  Information technology landscape has changed; the new social media and mobile technologies have changed the way news and information are accessed and delivered. These tools provide a tremendous window of opportunity to allow us reach our members and the public at large on the activities of the Bells University Parents’ Forum (BUPF). These technologies and information media have tremendous advantage in that information is made available on time, anytime, anywhere and on 24/7 basis. These information technologies can make a whole lot of difference in information delivery. We are leveraging on this new information technology platform to provide and deliver online information to our parents/ guardians, our children, the university community and the world at large.  You are welcome to our new world.

Tajudeen A. Kareem – Chairman (BUPF) 2014-2016.